Thursday, December 14, 2017
Out of the Box and Into the Heart of Every Generation





·         We welcome all ethnicities, all cultures and all ages. Each person is to be valued and welcomed regardless of their spiritual belief and journey.


·         We believe in the “Priesthood of all believers.” Every believer is a minister and representative of the Gospel.


·         We serve as servant leaders by investing of our lives into other people through serving.




·         We primarily minister to those outside of the church, with a desire to reconnect those to God.


·         We value people over programs.


·         We are flexible in all facets of our ministry knowing that God may allow changes in our plans.


·         We are open to new forms of creativity and leadership training.


·         We will take “cutting edge” opportunities for the sake of Gospel, knowing there is no failure, only learning experiences.


·         We lead each ministry with an open hand, knowing that God is the One in charge and in control of the church.


·         We are all part of God’s eternal Kingdom and we generously share resources with all believers for the greater good of His Kingdom.


·         We are not an institution but a movement of God’s earthly Kingdom.




·         We strive to love others and serve others unconditionally as Christ loved and served the world.



·         We are open to feedback about our personal and spiritual growth


.     We prioritize our faith and family over ministry.